Midnight Motel




"You have a choice to make, Anna. If you run we can protect you, but should you choose to stay, there’s no turning back." 

After years of estrangement, Anna Kelleher returns to the motel her family runs to make good on a promise to her dying grandma.

Upon her arrival, Anna finds an uncle she barely recognizes, a motel that looks nothing like she remembers, and the one person she needed to see is gone.

She soon discovers that the motel she knew as a child is host to secrets of a world she never imagined. With lives in the balance, her morals in question, and a promise yet to be fulfilled, Anna must choose between abandoning her family for good, or engaging with a darkness far greater than her own past in order to save them. 

With precious little time at her disposal, Anna is caught in the middle when evil knocks at the motel door seeking answers and vengeance.

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