Published 07/17/2016

...keeps you guessing until the end!
— Amazon Review
Their chemistry is undeniable.
— Amazon Review

CLOSER, a romantic suspense stand-alone novel

Newly engaged to her adoring boyfriend, Harrison Scott, Chloe Forrester finally feels as if the pieces of her life are coming together. But when Paxton Potter, a man with a grudge against her fiancé , accuses him of betrayal, Chloe’s trust in Harrison starts to waver.
After a young woman’s body is found, a dangerous and unlikely connection is formed between Chloe and Paxton. With each dark secret uncovered, Chloe has a choice- turn a blind eye or dig deeper. But in order to understand something or someone, you have to look closer.
Each decision she makes has a consequence, as new truths are revealed about her enemies and the people she loves. With Chloe’s future dangling by a thread, she must be ready to sever ties to the life she thought she knew in order to survive.