How do you get your ideas for books?

They come to me at many different times in many different ways. It's cliche, but I've often been in the shower or washing dishes when an idea comes to me. Sometimes it happens right before I fall asleep.  People I have met or seen inspire some of my characters, and the odd time, a story will be inspired by something I went through. Most of the time, it's an accumulation of all that, and of thoughts and feelings I have that I'm eager to share.

How long does it take to write a full-length novel?

My debut novel, Darkness Follows, took the longest to write at six months. I believe this was because it was the first story I was going to publish, and I had to get used to writing everyday. Every Last Mark took the shortest amount of time at just under three months, probably because the world and characters had already been developed in Lies Come True and Bare Your Bones. It has also taken roughly two months to have each book edited.

 Do you listen to music while you write?

I listen to music before I write to help get into the mood of the scene, but I rarely listen to music while I'm writing. If I do, it will likely be a soundtrack without any lyrics (ex. my current favourite is the Gone Girl soundtrack).

Who are your favourite authors?

It would take much thought and time to list them all, but here are a few that come to mind: Stephen King, Mo Hayder, Chevy Stevens, Lisa Gardner, Lucy M. Montgomery, John Saul... the list really does go on.

Do you have a reader group?

I do on Facebook, and if you're interested in joining, click here! I also have a newsletter I send out to make sure my readers know about upcoming releases, sales, etc. I also give away a free ebook upon sign up. You can subscribe by clicking here!