Here is where we'd have our mission statement, something to the likes of "We go through highs and lows in life. Times when we feel anxiety, sadness, and anger. Times when we don't want to feel at all and times when we can barely feel a thing, except to feel alone. We need help." "Emerald and Jade's Mental health initiative is a project developed to raise money and awareness for mental health and the professional resources that can provide the help we desperately need for our friends, co-workers, family, and ourselves in both Canada and the United States." 

Here I'm thinking of an "Act Now" or a "Support The Cause Now" button/section.  I'm thinking we could include a link to the page of the books they can purchase with either 100% of the profits, or whatever percentage we decide of the profits going to our chosen and declared organizations/initiatives. 


Here, I'm thinking of a who we are section, and then the image, and then below that, links to our personal stories page. "Emerald and Jade are two authors, two friends, two support systems for each other who have never met in person. They share a passion for creating more awareness for and stigmatization of mental health. Their goal is to help their communities/province/states/countries to improve their mental health care and to connect people from all over the world through not just their own stories (both literally, in their published fiction, and personal stories of mental health) but with your stories. Yes, you. We want to hear from you. Your stories of struggle and of hope."

Feature 1

This is where I was thinking we could each do a jump off to our own stories OR we could feature the books and say what percentage is going to be donated to specific mental health organizations and initiatives.

Feature 2

This could be your book and/or your personal story

Feature 3

This could be my book and/or my personal story


Here is where I'm thinking we could list hotline numbers and then actual places people can go to to get help.

Tell Us Your Stories

Let others know they are not alone by sharing your struggles.

If you're able, help others with your message of hope.

Here is where I was thinking we could have a submission box to be able to read the story. Of course is they wanted to be anonymous, we should allow that, too.

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Stories From The Heart

Here is where I'm thinking we could post the stories.