Published 05/08/2014

DARKNESS FOLLOWS, Book One of the Darkness Follows Duology

What if the hiding spot you escape to becomes more dangerous than the place you ran from?
Aurina Patrick is an ambitious young woman, whose only mistake was letting someone get too close. The day she is brought into the police department for questioning, her life changes forever. When Aurina discovers that someone she trusts has involved her in a series of murder investigations, her sister Ryanne joins her in a search for the truth. As the situation unravels, the Patrick sisters realize their lives could be in jeopardy.
When the sisters are taken to a remote location, the struggle for safety truly begins.



Published 10/8/2014

SHADOWS REMAIN, Book Two of the Darkness Follows Duology

This time, she has a choice. Leave the past behind, or face it head on.
Ryanne Patrick survived her summer in Dersten, but not without scars. When she is pulled back to the place that haunts her dreams, she is greeted by familiar faces, and unresolved feelings. She wants to run, but when the murder of a local rocks the town, her past and present collide. With the lives of those closest to her in jeopardy, Ryanne knows one thing to be true.
Second chances can be deadly.