We are making a difference... thanks to YOU!

Buy a book. Make a difference.

That's what we asked, and you did just that (and continue to)!

Thanks to our wonderful readers, the co-creator of this mental health initiative, Author Jade Eby and I have been able to raise and donate almost $100 towards our chosen mental health organizations, Active Minds (US based) and the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

I came to this realization today, the second of February, and in three short months, we've worked together to make a real change.

To support those who suffer.

To show others there IS hope.

There ARE people who care.

I'm a writer, but I cannot adequately put into words how this makes me feel. For now, I just had to say how thankful and proud I am of our generous readers.

This month, we have brand new books featured (Jade has even included 2 of hers!) with romantic elements in the spirit of February. I look forward to growing this project with you and again, thank you for your help (kind words, sharing the initiative on social media, and of course, donating or buying our featured books).

To find out more about our project, go here for the one on my site, and here for Jade's!

Emerald O'Brien