Midnight Motel Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

I'm thrilled to finally share the cover for my upcoming YA Fantasy, Midnight Motel (The Anna Kelleher Chronicles, Book 1), releasing July 26th, 2017.

Pre-orders will be available on all retailers, beginning with Amazon.

"You have a choice to make, Anna. If you run we can protect you, but should you choose to stay, there’s no turning back." 

Anna Kelleher returns to the motel her family owns after years of estrangement for one reason: to make good on a promise to her dying grandma.
Upon her arrival, Anna finds an uncle she barely recognizes, a motel that looks nothing like she remembers, and the one person she needed to see is gone.
She soon discovers that one of the motel rooms hides a portal to another dimension and she is forced to either walk away from her dysfunctional family for good or become a gatekeeper to help them defeat The High Power that rules there.
With lives in the balance, her morals in question, and a promise yet to be fulfilled, Anna must use what little time she has to her advantage. Travelling between a world she thought she knew, and a dark dimension that needs her help, Anna is caught in the middle when evil knocks on the motel’s door seeking answers and vengeance.

Emerald O'Brien