Midnight Motel Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

I'm thrilled to finally share the cover for my upcoming YA Fantasy, Midnight Motel (The Anna Kelleher Chronicles, Book 1), releasing July 26th, 2017.

Pre-orders will be available on all retailers, beginning with Amazon.

"You have a choice to make, Anna. If you run we can protect you, but should you choose to stay, there’s no turning back." 

Anna Kelleher returns to the motel her family owns after years of estrangement for one reason: to make good on a promise to her dying grandma.
Upon her arrival, Anna finds an uncle she barely recognizes, a motel that looks nothing like she remembers, and the one person she needed to see is gone.
She soon discovers that one of the motel rooms hides a portal to another dimension and she is forced to either walk away from her dysfunctional family for good or become a gatekeeper to help them defeat The High Power that rules there.
With lives in the balance, her morals in question, and a promise yet to be fulfilled, Anna must use what little time she has to her advantage. Travelling between a world she thought she knew, and a dark dimension that needs her help, Anna is caught in the middle when evil knocks on the motel’s door seeking answers and vengeance.

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O’Brien drops you into the middle of the action and doesn’t stop until the end.
— Jade Eby, Author
Best I have read in this genre this year!!! Holy mystery!
— Girly Girl Book Reviews


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Excerpt from Lies Come True

I really enjoyed writing The Avery Hart trilogy, and the whole story is still one of the ones I'm most proud of. Crafting three books to fit together in one overarching story had me flexing my writing muscles in ways I hadn't before, and I find myself beginning that process again with the first in a series I am currently writing. It's exciting to begin a story that's full of possibilities that mostly depend on what the characters decide to do.

Avery Hart is a character of mine that I relate to in many ways and getting to know her was like getting to know more of myself (and even gain a better understanding of those around me, because she was also modeled a bit on someone I'm close to). I wanted to share an excerpt that exemplifies who Avery is in my eyes, and even gives a hint as to how she acts/reacts through the trilogy.  I wanted to share it with readers who've read the trilogy before, but also for those who are new to Lies Come True and Avery. I hope you enjoy this first impression (or memory).


Chapter 2

Avery cracked into her fortune cookie over the table as the credits of her favourite TV show started to roll.

A muffled cry from the baby next door rang through the wall behind her and she turned the   volume up to drown out the wails. She pulled the tiny piece of paper from the cookie bits, and the news came on as she unfolded her fortune.

"... at Birch Falls Park on Glenn, and Fourth Street, in Birch Falls, Ontario, less than three hours north of Toronto..." The reporter droned on, but Avery focused on reading the paper.

You will soon gain something you have always wanted.

Avery read it twice, set it down beside the broken cookie, and folded up the small box of left over veggie noodles.

"Peace and quiet?" She grumbled as she gathered the boxes, and took them to the kitchen fridge. "I doubt the Donovans are moving anytime soon."

As she made her way back to the living room, the baby cried again, as if to taunt her. She'd thought about tapping on the wall, writing them a letter, and even paying the Donovans a visit, but the simple fact was, babies cried. At all hours. She tried to sympathize with the parents, but when it came time for her early morning classes, she cursed them.

She grabbed the napkins from the table, and threw them in the garbage before she settled in on her soft couch again. When she looked at the TV, she did a double take. Her mouth hung agape as she focused on the picture beside the reporter.

"This man is considered armed and dangerous. Please contact the Crown River Regional Police   with any information you may..." The segment was ending, and the picture disappeared from the screen, as a phone number crawled along the bottom.

That has to be wrong.

She stared at the screen, stunned, as they began to broadcast a different story. She thought about calling the news station, but they wouldn't have any more information, and she had already seen the sketch. That was the part that mattered. For a moment she thought about calling the number on the business card in her purse. The only one she carried. Instead, she   sat still on the couch, and twisted her blonde hair around her finger.

What if she was wrong? What if she only imagined the picture was familiar? That's what Inspector Jacoby would tell her. She wondered why she hadn't torn up that business card after he gave it to her.

She thought about calling her parents, but they'd say the same thing as Jacoby. 

Sadie might listen, might even believe her.

The feeling that glued her to the couch turned into something she recognized. She couldn't be sure what she saw. That's what they told her after all and that's what finally stuck after years of therapy.

If you enjoyed this excerpt and would like to read more:

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Top 5 Thriller/Suspense Movies and TV Shows of 2016 (so far!)

Love to be thrilled and kept in suspense? Looking for your next Netflix show to binge watch or movie to see? I've selected my top 5 of the year (so far) and wanted to share them with you!  While some of my choices might also fall in other categories (horror, sci-fi, etc.) they all fall into the thriller/suspense genre.

In no particular order:

MTV's Scream Season 2

Inspired by the Scream slasher movies, this TV series first aired in 2015 on Netflix, and I'd been looking forward to the next season ever since.

A little cheesy? Yes, but it is also self-aware, poking fun at pop culture and paying homage to the original movies as well. I think this is a series that has some scares, humor, and most of all, makes it fun to guess who the killer is and why. Plus, I've become so invested in the main characters, which makes each episode more nerve wracking.

Haven't seen season 1 yet? You can binge watch it on Netflix and then catch up on Season 2 before the final  episode airs!

Stranger Things

This binge-worthy Netflix Series set in the 80's follows the disappearance of a young boy and those affected by the loss who are searching for answers (or stumble upon them), including the boy's friends, his family, and the law enforcement in the small town.

It's hard to choose a favourite character (but if I had to, I'd say Hopper) because this cast has several story lines going on at once, and they're all fun to watch.

This show encompasses so much of what was cool about the 80's vibe in both movies (Spielberg) and Books (King), and each exciting discovery will draw you further into this sometimes scary and always entertaining show.


This psychological horror/thriller is modern with a fresh twist. It's about an author who lives in the woods alone, and is also deaf. When a masked man shows up, it's clear he has bad intentions, but I can't say much more than that.

This movie had me watching through squinted eyes at some parts and kept me in suspense until the very end as the woman fights for her survival. 

In part, Hush plays to the traditional features of a classic slasher film, but I've never seen one that incorporates the challenges (and advantages) that a deaf woman would have. This is a film that's not to be missed!

The Forest

A young American woman gets a call from Japan in the middle of the night. It's the police informing her that her twin sister was seen going into a forest that not many come out of (alive or dead).

The reason I feel so connected to this movie is that we all have someone(s) who we would go to extreme lengths for, and this woman goes all the way to Japan, into this forest to find and possibly even rescue her sister whom everyone believes to be dead.

Again, I can't say much more without giving things away, but I thought this was a great movie (and inspired my love for Natalie Dormer as an awesome actor). The only part that was iffy for me was the ending, but you'll have to watch to see if you agree!


Jason Bourne

The fifth installment of the Bourne series (based on the novels) was exactly what I hoped it would be. Full of action, suspense,  adding fuel to the fire and depth to the next movie in the series.

It's been a while since Matt Damon reprised his role as Bourne, and in this modern installment along with Nicky (Julia Stiles, my fave reoccurring character other than Bourne himself) he must get back in the swing of things as new information about his identity and his past is brought to light.

With some of the best chase sequences in the series, this film did not disappoint. 

And there you have it!

My top 5 picks for the year so far. I'm sure I'll do another one of these at the end of the year. I love these kind of tv shows/movies so much that you can bet I'll be posting a special Halloween viewing list for the month of October as well!

Hope you enjoy and if if watch these, make sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you think!

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A Sweet Summer Treat

Raspberry and Chocolate Nicecream

I love a cold treat in the summer time, and this is one of my favourite recipes.

Enjoying some nicecream at my desk.

Enjoying some nicecream at my desk.


Step 1: Cut up 2 bananas and freeze overnight. Once frozen, put half the pieces in a blender, and add 1/2 cup of your favourite fruit (I chose raspberries). Blend well and set aside.

Step 2: Put the rest of the frozen bananas in the blender and add 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder, along with 1 tsp vanilla extract (or pure vanilla bean). Blend well and stir in with fruit mixture.

Step 3: Divide it up (or eat it all!) and enjoy!

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